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Nobody has spent more time on the water than a professional guide. From sunup to sundown, guides are on the water studying the terrain, charting the weather, noting the flows, tides and bugs, alongside the fish that prey on them and the habitat they occupy. There is nobody more in tune with the nuances of each river, lake and coastline than the professional guide. A day on the water with a guide not only unlocks fundamental information about a river, but also lets the client in on the locations, tactics and techniques that will shape and hone an angler for the years to come. GuideBox certified guides are the best of the best, and you can feel confident that the face on the box is the one best equipped to help you succeed on the water.

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Know Your Water.

From creeks and streams, to rivers, stillwater and the shore, we have abundant and amazing places to discover and fish. All you need is just a bit of intel on where, how and when to explore them. With decades of combined guiding experiences, these are the waters we’ve grown to know and love, and are excited to share with the GuideBox community. Nail down your backyard river, make your first cast into an unknown mountain stream, or hook a species you’ve only ever heard about.

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