Spring Trout Box - 2019

GuideBox Direct


Not sure where you're headed, but know that you want to bring the right tools for the job? Our general trout boxes are everything you need, nothing you don't, streamlined for success.

Spring time is like the week before Christmas. You know it's coming but it can't get here soon enough. Spring fishing is usually a last minute endeavor where you're watching the flows from the increasing winter runoff, dodging last minute rainstorms, but also watching wildflowers regain their rightful position as the sun shakes off the long winter. Getting down and dirty is the way to go here, big stoneflies, worms (dirt snakes) and dark nymphs. Fish are hungry and on the lookout, offer 'em big meals and they'll eat. 

GuideBox Seasonal Boxes contain:

(12) Premium flies in an environmentally friendly container

(1) GuideBox Spring fly menu and information card

(1) Season specific tapered leader

(1) Bradley Mountain Fishing Log

(1) GuideBox Sticker

(1) GuideBox basics information card featuring knot and rigging diagrams, stream knowledge and guide tactics.